Saturday, 15 June 2013

5 Unconventional Dad gifts for this Father's Day

This year, let's not get Dad another tie. I'm sure he has more than enough. Wait, did you get him one of those really cool zipper ties? Hellz naw...take it back, IMMEDIATELY.

Let's explore some options more unique to your own Dad, shall we.

1. For the conservative dad

So, is your dad a more reserved, prefers to stay in his man den, reading the latest edition of Reader's Digest, maybe a cigar or two, kinda guy?

This bottle of Glenmorangie 18 year old 'Extremely Rare' is a great gift for most fathers, conservative or not. It matures for 15 years in American White Oak casks, then 30% of that golden liquid is transferred to Spanish Oloroso casks. They're then matured separately for 3 years, and then jumbled back together, leaving you with one of the finest scotches around.

Get it here for USD$107.95.

2. For the gamer dad

This hot new title is a post-apocalyptic zombie thriller for the PS3. You're taken through the game as a hardened survivor, travelling across the United States with a young girl. The real danger is not the zombies, as you may think, but other survivors, doing anything and everything to stay alive in this ruined planet we once called home.

The Last of Us has a really good shot for game of the year, so if your dad is a gamer, this is perfect. Hopefully you'll still be able to get one, because it launched two days before Father's Day! Good strategy Sony, although knowing Sony, that may have just been coincidental.

Get it now for USD$59.95 on Amazon.

3. For the corporate dad

Want to spruce up your dad's desk at work? Tired of getting him Newton's Cradles and pen holders every year?

Well, here's a fairly new gadget to keep him busy and distracted, from what he really should be doing at work.

It looks like a plain old jar of water with a grey blob in it, but throw in a magnet and things get interesting.

Get one for him on ThinkGeek for USD$30.

4. For the cooking dad

Many dads love to cook, but not many have the patience to marinate their meats from the night before. We want meat, and we want it now!

Well there's a solution for that.

The Instant Marinater

The Instant Marinater is a unique dish that marinates your meat within minutes! Wow! That's pretty awesome. No more bland chicken dishes, due to hurried seasoning and then tossing it on the grill.

Get one for him here for USD$39.99.

5. For the out of shape dad

So your Dad's at that point in life where his waistline seems to be mimicking his age.

A large (no pun intended) number of men die every year due to lifestyle disease and complications from obesity.

Let's help your Dad not be one of those.

For the Dad who prefers to lose weight outside of the gym, the Nike+ FuelBand, is an activity tracker that's worn on the wrist. It tracks physical activity, steps taken, and calories burnt. Also tells time, no need for a watch with this sleek piece of machinery.

So you set a goal, and throughout the day, the FuelBand tells you what you need to do. If you're in the 'red' zone, you need to get more active. if you're 'green' then you deserve a break.

It can sync up with your smartphone as well, to track overall progress.

However, it will set you back about USD$150, but that's still nothing compared to his health right?

You can get it at the Nike online store.

I believe I've given you quite a few unique options, at least one should satisfy your Dad.

Happy shopping!


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