Sunday, 16 June 2013

Faith lost in humanity? Or restored?

When I saw this video last night, I did get a bit flared up, but I realised, nothing should be shocking anymore.

Humans are the most disrespectful species in the animal kingdom.

Thinking about that statement, it has gotten better within the past few centuries. Imagine living in the 18th century as a servant or some other unskilled labourer, someone looked down upon, thought of as less than human.

This is the kind of behaviour displayed by the young lady in the video. 

This newly viral video, is a rant by a young woman, 27 years old to be exact, with tertiary level education, a BA in Business and Marketing.

She meant for the video to embarrass the Dunkin Donuts employees for not giving her a receipt, but look for yourself and see who's the one who should be embarrassed.

Note: This video is NSFW, contains adult language and  racial comments.

One can sometimes excuse spur of the moment behaviour, words spewed in anger, not thought through, that's only human nature.

But this woman, she thought this out overnight, planned out this 'crazy' in her head, and came back with a vengeance the next day for these fine workers doing their job.

Notice how she starts off calm and collected, then progresses to bouts of crazy, through which, both employees keep their manners and respect for the customer throughout.

I admit, I too do become annoyed with fast food employees, but never if I get brilliant service like this young man gave her, and never would those words come out of my mouth in public domain.

Also, you may know of the Mars One mission, which is a one way trip in the year 2023 to establish a human settlement on Mars. If what she's claiming is true, then I'm sorry, if those are the kind of people that will be representing the human race, then label me as something else, thanks much.

Throughout the whole debacle, I thought this was just another crazy person rant. Then came the racism. 
Racism still exists far and wide, and it's not going anywhere for a long time to come.
I realised at this point, that if the employees behind the counter were Caucasian, maybe she would've forgotten the whole thing with a simple apology.

Don't pity the employees, I'm sure customers going there on a daily will reward them with compliments and tips for braving the likes of Hurricane Crazy.

So let's all have a laugh at her expense. At least for the next few days.

This is surely going in my YouTube favourites.


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